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CERN nurses' mission is to ensure that everyone working on CERN grounds, as well as visitors receive:

  • First aid, emergency care and resuscitation
  • Technical and therapeutic care following an occupational accident and/or various pathologies
  • Administration of vaccinations (except yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis) with a medical prescription
  • Periodic examinations (urine test, vision test, vaccination status control (mainly tetanus), and a summary of occupational risks
  • Additional medical examinations : electrocardiogram, audiogram, vision test, spirometry and make an initial analysis
  • Nursing care, such as : injections on medical prescription (except an intravenous injection), bandages, monitoring blood pressure
  • Preventative measures, screening and promote work safety
  • Workplace visits (eg. ergonomics) on request and to intervene if necessary with the help of others (safety engineers, people in charge of sectors...)

The nurses, like all other members of the Medical Service are subject to medical confidentiality.

Every employee has the possibility to go to the infirmary:

  • To treat pain
  • To receive advice or a medical referral
  • To have a listening environment, in case of a professional or personal issue

Nurses do not provide desensitisation treatments for allergies and do not offer care to family members of staff or CERN pensioners.

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