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Admin E-Guide HR

Declaration of occupational accident - HS50 and Medical Certificate to be attached to the Declaration

Declaration of non-occupational accident

Templates of medical certificates for: illness/accident - medical examination or treatment - illness of close relative

Application for classification of an illness as of occupational origin: procedure & forms

Prior Medical History Form

Occupational hazards Form - OHS 0-0-3 (for MPAt & Technical students)

Template of medical certificate for: overhead travelling cranes/fork-lift trucks/aerial work platforms/tow tractors: for Staff & Users

Uniqa/CHIS - List of benefits/normal cover

Protection of members of the personnel against financial consequences of illness, accident and incapacity for work - CA14

Dealing with alcohol-related problems - CO8


CHIS Bulletin - Medical Articles

Tinnitus - 2010

Organ donation - 2010

Depression - 2011

Recommended vaccinations - 2011

Hearing Loss - 2011

Exercise for better health - 2012

Physical activity is good for your physical and mental well-being - 2013

Insomnia - 2014

The flu - 2014

Take your blood pressure to heart - 2015


Exercises and Quizzes

Ergonomics quiz and answers!

Stretching exercises

Evaluate your stress



Cardiac Arrest


The Medical Service

Lower back pain



USERS' Flyer

Panic/Anxiety attack




10 ways to eat better

10 ways to move more

Novae : Did you know...?

Novae's tips for eating better and moving more


Stress brochure

Stress tips

Talking about stress

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