Services According to Status

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Categories of members of personnel of CERN. 

  MPE MPA ENTC Visitor
Emergency First Aid O O O O

Infirmary Medical Care* and Vaccination* (except yellow fever)

*with medical prescription

O O O x

Blood Test at CERN (external Swiss laboratory)

O MPAt Only x x
Workplace visit O O O x
Mandatory Medical Examination - Occupational Medicine O x x x
Official Travel Abroad Consultation O MPAt Only x x
Medical Fitness - Dosimeter Distribution O MPAt Only x x
Consultation with CERN Psychologist O O x x

Medical Fitness - Sports Certificate*

*only issued during a Mandatory Examination

O x x x


MPE = employed members of the personnel : staff, fellows, apprentices

MPA = associated members of the personnel

MPAt = doctoral student,summer student, technical and admistrative students, trainees

ENTC = contractor's personnel

Families and pensioners are not treated at the Medical Service.

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