Seasonal Flu

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Simple steps to reduce the risk of infection



Seasonal Flu is a highly contagious illness caused by viruses that affect the respiratory system.

It is usually benign but can be serious for people suffering from a chronic condition (pulmonary, cardio-vascular, renal, cancer etc.), obesity (BMI≥30), recovering from a serious disease or operation and  for pregnant women and the elderly.

The flu virus is transmitted through water droplets in the air and by contact with contaminated surfaces.

As soon as the first symptoms occur (temperature >38°C, shivers, cough, muscle ache and/or weakness) it is strongly recommended that you stay at home in order to avoid spreading the virus.

The flu vaccination is not recommended if you are allergic to egg whites or to one of the vaccine’s components.

Get vaccinated at CERN!

Anyone working on the CERN site who wishes to be vaccinated against seasonal flu should go to the Infirmary (Building 57, ground floor / 9-12am & 2-4.30pm) with their dose of vaccine. 
The vaccine should be bought beforehand at the pharmacy and should be exclusively enclosed in a sealed package.

No need to have prescription. The Medical Service will issue a prescription on the day of the vaccination for the purposes of reimbursement through UNIQA.

NB: The Medical Service cannot provide this vaccination service for family members or retired members of the personnel, who are advised to visit their GP.

For more information, see the advice issued for 2017:

• The "seasonal flu" flyer by the Medical Service

By choosing to be vaccinated, not only do you protect yourself from flu but also your family, friends and colleagues

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