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The objective being to best meet the needs and issues raised during an interview with the psychologist, there are three types of services offered :

Crisis intervention

If the patient is in a state of psychological crisis, the psychologist will take charge of the patient and ensure that they receive the appropriate medical and personal assistance in a timely manner, so that the person can recover as fast as possible.


To better understand the situation, the issues and the psychological state of the patient, the psychologist can request that the person return (sometimes several times) to ensure that they have fully understood the complexity and needs of the consultant. The psychologist will give their point of view, offer different approaches or solutions and then discuss them with the patient. The patient can then decide whether they feel well enough to stop treatment or whether they want to start psychotherapy. In the latter case, the psychologist will do a specific search for therapists focusing on the needs of the patient, taking into account all the previously discussed aspects (eg.: psychologist or psychiatrist, therapeutic approach, specialised approach, gender based, location, etc.)

Situational coaching

When a person finds themselves in a complicated situation, psychologically taxing, but precise, the psychologist can offer assistance during these difficult times and support them psychologically. It is an accompaniment (often said : "coaching") that focuses on the situation at hand and does not take more than 5 or 6 sessions.

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