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Life at CERN

Life at CERN can reveal or sometimes cause difficulties of psychological nature (stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, management of emotions, problematic relationships, etc.), or can call forth qualities that we deem to not master. The CERN psychologist offers a listening environment, support and help to the patient so that they might better understand, organise and, - ultimately - find solutions to the problems causing their suffering.

For whom?

For all members of staff, MPE and MPA.

The psychologist

Christiane Reis

Phone: 76619

Secretariat: 73186 - 78435


You can consult the psychologist for all types of problems - whether it's professional, personal or private - in French, English or German.

It is important to know that the psychologist is strictly subject to professional secrecy (privacy) : the consultations are confidential.


Christiane Reis studied at the University of Heidelberg in Germany and is trained in so called Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT) here in Switzerland. Throughout her studies and professional years, she acquired inside knowledge in various more specific approaches such as “Interpersonal Therapy”, “Clarification Oriented Psychotherapy”, “Schema Therapy”, and “Emotion-focussed Therapy”.

Having worked in different countries (USA, Mexico, Germany and now Switzerland), she is very sensitive to not only interpersonal but also intercultural differences between people and how they might contribute to difficulties someone is confronted with. This is also the reason why she can offer sessions in English, French and German.

Her working background is also wide-ranging. She has professional experience in teaching, counselling, and – of course – clinical psychology, practiced in clinics as well as in a private practice.

“I see myself here at CERN as someone who offers people with personal and/or professional problems a space to openly talk about whatever they are struggling with while listening empathetically and comforting them as much as possible. To me, it is very important to take time and really understand the matter. This allows me then to help and guide them efficiently to colleagues outside of CERN if indicated and wanted. I know how hard it can be for someone who seeks help to find and also get the one he or she really needs; I can facilitate that process”.

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