Other examinations

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Optional or Private Consultations

Staff members, Fellows, Apprentices, Technical Students and Doctoral Students can request a consultation for problems of a medical nature linked to their work and for medical opinions, etc. (Tel. : 78435 / 73186 - email : medical.service@cern.ch(link sends e-mail)).

Workplace visit

Is an assessment of the work station (activities, environment and ergonomy).

A workplace visit can be suggested by a doctor after a medical examination, or by a nurse following a medical intervention at the infirmary. The doctor or nurse will then perform an evaluation of the workplace, sometimes with the help of an HSE specialist.

It can also be initiated by calling the Medical Service secretariat and requesting an appointment.

Medical Advice

Medical advice can be provided for everybody working on the CERN site (firms, users, Staffs members and associates etc.....) at the Infirmery building 57 ground floor (8.30am-12.30pm, 1.30pm - 5.30pm)

Medical Prevention for Official Travel Abroad

In the event of official travel to a country at risk of an endemic (disease/condition make contact with the Medical Secretariat (Tel. : 78435 / 73186 - email : medical.service@cern.ch(link sends e-mail)) as early as possible : if a vaccination is necessary, it must be done at least 4 weeks beforehand. After a medical consultation, the necessary vaccinations and drugs will be prescribed. The prescribed vaccinations will be administered by a nurse. The exception is the vaccination against yellow fever, which can only be given in a referenced Vaccination Center.
Vaccinations can be done without an appointment at the following times at:
HUG - 6, rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil - 1211 Genève 14 - Go to the main entrance.

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday: from 12.30pm to 3.30pm
  • Thursday: from 4pm to 6.30pm

Work on Laser - Medical Follow-up

Anybody working on lasers class IIIb and IV must perform an eye test beforehand, which comprises personal history analysis, long and short sight, as well as color sight.
At the end of this test, a more detailed ophtalmologic exam can be prescribed by the occupational physician in charge.
This exam is made in view to avoiding any risk for people with eye disabilities such as organic or functional monophtalmy, important visual disabilities, cataracts.
This test should be performed every two years.
The CERN medical service deals with the medical follow-up for MPE after being informed by the LSO of their exposition to the lasers class IIIb or IV.
Regarding MPA, the eye test can also be organised by the CERN Medical Service.
Any incident or accident is subject to  :

  • an accident declaration to the medical service
  • a complete ophtalmological examination
  • an official declaration using the forms HS50 and A2.

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