Frequently Asked Questions

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Why am I unable to cancel my appointment for my blood test?

Your appointment may only be cancelled up until 4pm the day before your test.

Please contact the Medical Service for another appointment.

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I wish to do a HIV screening, is it possible to do it at the Medical Service lab?

No, it is not possible to perform this test at the Medical Service lab. 
You can find additional information concerning the test here.

Family (1)

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I myself work at CERN, my wife needs to receive a treatment by injection, can this be done at the infirmary?

No, for legal reasons, we cannot  treat family members, but only people working on the CERN site.

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I am currently being treated for high blood pressure. I measure my blood pressure at home with my own monitor. Can I have my machine's callibration checked at the infirmary?

Yes, you can come anytime during opening hours (8.30am-12.30pm / 1.30pm-5.30pm).

Injury (1)

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I injured myself outside of CERN. Can I come to the infirmary?

We will welcome you at the infirmary for initial treatment. For further assistance we will direct you to another medical center if necessary.

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Can I receive an intravenous antibiotic treatment at the infirmary?

No, for an intravenous treatment you have the possibility to contact a liberal nurse in France or visit a medical center/clinic in Switzerland.

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I am new at CERN, I need to see a doctor. What must I do?

You can choose a doctor in France or in Switzerland in the directory.

If it's an acute problem, you can also come to the infirmary without an appointment or make an appointment to see a Medical Service doctor.

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I am currently breastfeeding, is it possible to express my milk at the infirmary?

The CERN Hotel offers a room for mothers who wish to express milk. You will also have access to a fridge to store the milk.

 read more about Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Pregnancy (2)

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I'm pregnant and I own a dosimeter. I need advice, what must I do?

The nurses and the doctors of the Medical Service are at your disposal for any questions. You can contact the secretariat to make an appointment to see a doctor for further examination.

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I'm pregnant and I need to rest every now and then. What can I do?

Feel free to come to the infirmary whenever you need to, there is a "rest room" at your disposal.



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You can find information about the CERN psychologist here and make an appointment by contacting the Medical Service's secretariat : click.

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Except during the mandatory medical examination, at your request during the examination by the doctor.

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What is a vaccination booklet? What if I don't have one?

A vaccination booklet keeps track of all the vaccinations you have received.

If you don't have one or can't find it, please contact your family doctor prior to your CERN medical visit in order to check your vaccination history, especially regarding the tetanus vaccine.

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I will shortly be travelling abroad, where can I get a prescription for a vaccination?

If you are going on an official trip, you can make an appointment to see a CERN doctor by contacting the service's Secretariat for a vaccination follow-up.

For non-official travel, please contact your general practitioner or the Geneva Cantonal Hospital's "médecine des voyageurs" (French or German only).

For information concerning recommended vaccinations, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travelers' Health website.

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I have been prescribed and have bought some vaccines. Can I come to CERN's infirmary in order to have them administered?

Yes, you can come to the infirmary to have them administered. Please bring the relevant prescription and your vaccination booklet if you have one. Do remember to keep your vaccine(s) in the fridge if you do not come to the infirmary straight away.

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