After Absence Due to Sickness or Injury

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A medical visit is obligatory:  

  • after an absence from work of more than 3 days following a work accident or an occupational illness; 
  • after an absence from work of more than 21 days due to illness; 
  • if several absences during one 12 month period exceed 90 civil days.

All MPE must contact the medical secretariat in order to make an appointment (Staff Rules and Regulations, Chapter II - Section 4 Article 20). 

After an absence exceeding 2 months, a medical questionnaire is sent to the person and must be filled in by their doctor of choice. This questionnaire must then be sent to the CERN medical advisor.

After an absence exceeding 90 days, a medical examination is scheduled with a CERN doctor, so, if possible, to prepare the return to work (work place adjustments and/or work time, restrictions...).

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